Monday, August 11, 2008


These past few years I must admit that I have gotten quite lazy with pictures. I take them with my digital camera and them file them away in the computer where they are forgotten. I recently realized that I have very few pictures of my family displayed around the house and I am a bit ashamed. I take the pictures with every intention on having them printed out and proudly displaying them all around the house but then my ADD kicks in and I forget. So this weekend I started organizing and putting a few pictures in a collage frame that I bought 2 years ago. I didn't get as far as I had hoped since I have come down with a summer cold but I will finish and hang it before the end of week. Well, that's my goal anyway. As you can see below I still have 5 pictures to fill the frame. The hard part is find which 5!

My unfinished photo project.

I also started sorting through my mother-in-laws old photos this weekend. They have been sitting in storage for about 3 years and I was worried that they would get ruined. I started piles for each one of her sons and their families and honestly I am glad I get to do the sorting since I get first pick. I really hope that Andy and Chris will appreciate them. I know that I found some great pictures of my husband as a boy.

Dale as a boy.

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