Sunday, November 16, 2008

It has been a very sad week.

Where do I even begin to start...

My husband close friends son, Will, was diagnosed with cancer last year on Nov 12th. Last march since Dale and I owned an Irish Pub we decided to host a St Baldricks Childrens Cancer event. If you are unaware what St Baldricks is about you can check it out here. Last year, our family honored Will (Who was present at our event) by shaving our heads for cancer research. We never thought that our next event Will would be an angel.

Will passed away on Nov 11th after fighting so hard and so long. He was 6 years old and went through more in his 6 years that most of us go through in a lifetime. We are devastated. Please check out so that we can eliminate this horrible disease.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yesterday was the start of a new beginning!

I am sure that you are all thinking about politics which does fit under that same title but it isn't what I am talking about. I joined Weight Watchers! Hooray for me!

Although I have been on Weight Watchers before (with success) I feel that this time it is different. This time it isn't about becoming thin and looking like the Hollywood starlets. Its about regaining control and becoming HEALTHY. Dear people I am getting older (edging in on my late 20's) and I need to have the discipline to keep my body healthy for the many years to come. I want to be active for my children and be able to have fun! I want to say that I care about my body and I am gonna take great care of it!