Saturday, October 11, 2008

Something blue

I had originally turned on the laptop to blog about how I really needed to expand my eating and try new things....But I got a little sidetracked by some beautiful blue Manolo Blahniks. You know which ones I am talking about. The ones that ultimately bring Big and Carrie back together. (Sorry if you haven't watched the Sex and the City movie, I just ruined it for you.) I have been dreaming in Manolo Blahnik since the early SATC days... and yet I still don't have any. Dear husband, this is your cue. So instead of a boring list of veggies that I haven't ever tried (blah, blah, blah) I have put together my shoe wish list. A girl can dream, cant she?

Something Blue Satin Pump
Manolo Blahnik

Ankle Wrapped Sequined Sandal
Manolo Blahnik

Slingback Sandal
Emillo Pucci

My list could go on for eternity but I don't really have that much time. So go and shop for yourselves! You can find all these beauties at Bergdorf Goodman in the Shoe Salon. Or as I like to call it: Heaven.

On another note, I will be blogging about veggies. I have decided to open my horizons and try a new veggie every week. This should be quite interesting so stay tuned.

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