Wednesday, October 29, 2008


That is how I feel lately. Between working, cleaning, kids, and a few home improvement projects I have just had no time. And when I did have time and I felt like blogging my computer conviently took a dump. Argh! It took all I had not to slam the laptop out the window and walk away. But with my husbands handyness it is now working.... No jinxing here I hope.
I decided that I couldnt stand my living room any more and I had hubby hang curtains at 2 in the morning the other day. They are wine colored sheers and definitly make the room pop. I would post pictures but I dont have my memory card handy....

Last night we carved our big pumpkins that we got at our local pumpkin farm. It was a great time with all 4 kids digging in and getting dirty in the kitchen. I cant wait to post pictures.

Today, I took Ev to get his first haircut ever! I took him to Boozle Bs which was awesome! Talk about accomidating for your baby. What baby can be upset while sitting in an airplane, watching cartoons and all the other goodies they have. They only crying Ev did was when we were leaving. he wanted to stay and play!

Well I gotta run... Work is calling my name.

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