Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The rollercoaster continues...

Things here are still in limbo as the term sheet for the pub is still being drawn up. I am not getting my hopes up as we all know that deals can fall through. I am just waiting to sign on the line so that I can have some emotion.
We recently moved hubby's mom to a new nursing home which is walking distance to our house. It has been an extremely hard move for her as it is not nearly as nice as her last home. We just couldn't afford to keep her there. It breaks my heart to see her so sad. We have been visiting daily and yesterday I went to the store and brought her some snacks and had the coordinator for the home give her a tour. She was happy to see the beauty salon and ice cream shop located at the home. I was not so pleased with the nurses and had to ask them to help a lady in the next room because they were ignoring her cries. How many times does a patient have to yell "Somebody help me" before they get off thier lazy asses. Thier excuse was that she yells for help all the time. Well, maybe she needs it. What if this one time she really needed help. How would they know? I am sure that I will be a huge thorn in this new nursing homes side as I will not tolerate this. I will be checking in daily and maybe more than that. I wish there was more that we could do.
Today is step-daugthers 22nd birthday and we are going to have pizza with her this evening. Mom-in-law will also be joining us as it will give her a break from the home and a chance to mingle with others.

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