Monday, September 15, 2008

A little bit of crazy here!

So things here have been an emotional rollercoaster lately! Moving to Missouri, getting a new pub in Illinois, moving to Missouri, getting a new pub in Illinois..... Which one is it?

For those of you readers that are unaware of my past let me fill you in. My hubby and I owned an Irish Pub here in Illinois and for no reason other than our landlords ability to pay his taxes we closed. My husband has been working diligently on getting finances for a new pub and just recently we had given up. We were going to throw in the towel and moving south. A few weeks ago an "angel investor" approached us and things have been moving swiftly in that area. We havent signed anything yet so it isnt 100% sure yet.

So I dont have an answer to my above question. The rollercoaster hasnt stopped yet and I am hoping that there arent to many dips in the future.

On the cooking front I have been baking pies like crazy. The boys around here are spoiled and I have depleted all my blueberries we picked this summer. (I bought some frozen ones at Meijer and no one seems to notice.... Or maybe they have and they just dont care)

One more thing: Hair

If you truely value your hair than I suggest that you NEVER, EVER go to Great Clips. I went on Friday for a quick trim and the unexperienced stylist cut off 8 inches in the back. I literally had a hole in the back of my hair. And I had long, beautiful hair down to the middle of my back. I cried for days and my hubby suggest to go see a new stylist at a new salon. So I did. I went to JC Penny Salon where I met Susan. She gave me the better style ever and I am forever grateful. It looks amazing! She will have my business forever!

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